Holiday Camps with GC Sports

Enjoying the holidays with a range of fun and engaging activity days!

Holiday Camps

GC Sports Holiday Camps run from 9:30am – 3:30pm and are based at Wormley Primary School and Westfield Community Primary. Children can enjoy a range of activities including:

  • Cooking                                                                                                            Children get the opportunity to make a range of sweet and savoury items. For example: cakes, jam tarts, scones, quiches, pizza, bread, brownies etc. Giving children the opportunity to work as a group, take turns, and share.  
  • Arts and Crafts                                                                                                          We provide children with a range of creative activities such as: painting, sand art, hama beads, weaving, and sewing etc.
  • Wild in the Woods                                                                                            Children get the opportunity to explore a woodland area and spend the day going on mini beast hunts, making dens, camp fires, natural artwork, stone, paintings and clay sculptures!
  • Multi Sports                                                                                                      Children can take part in a range of sporting activities including: Basketball, Football, Tennis, Kick-Rounders, Kick-it, Dodge ball, Handball and many more!  

In future the same camps we will offered within Cheshunt at Dewhurst St Mary’s.

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